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Tips for Running Birthday Games

Here are some survival tips for playing birthday games..

Tips for Success


  • Make a list of items needed to be sure you have everything you need on the day of the party.
  • Prepare as much of the food as possible the day or night before the event.
  • Always test a game first to make sure you have everything you need to play the game, and to see if you need to adjust the rules, or how far apart the starting and ending should be.
  • Crafts are also recommended to try a sample first. You can see how long it takes, how hard and if there is any required drying time.
  • Supervision

  • Be sure to have adequate supervision especially if you are allowing parents to drop off their child. If you opt to host a party outside of your home, you are often required to sign waivers and have a required ratio of adults to children.
  • In preparation for a game, consider how many adults will be needed. For example: If it's a ball toss, you don't want to be running after the balls and retrieving them as well as helping each child when its their turn.
  • Age Appropriate Birthday Games or Craft

    Consider the range of ages of the children attending. Take the age of the youngest child and base your level of difficulty starting with that age.


  • Prizes: Let every child be a winner. If you plan to give out prizes, it's often good to give each child a consolation prize for trying even if its just a sticker or small treat. Another alternative to prizes is to pass out goody bags after the games.
  • Flexibility

  • Be flexible! Change a Game if Needed. When you see that something is not working...change the rules to adjust or switch to another game.
  • Plan for Inclement Weather. Have alternate plans if the weather is too cold, hot or rainy. Changes to the type of games may be necessary.
  • Demonstrate How To Play Birthday Games or How to Make a Craft

  • Best way to explain game is to demonstrate how it's done while also explaining verbally. Some children are visual learners and learn by watching.
  • Be sure to mention what is NOT allowed when explaining rules for a game.
  • Keep It Simple

    Not comfortable running games? Stick to the classic party games children are familiar with. They will still enjoy it and you can still tailor it to the theme of your party.

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