Chocolate Molds


Chocolate Molds come in all types and are really easy to make. They are great for treats and favors. Use sprinkles to match your party theme. We found the crystals and the little rounds sprinkles worked the best. There are all a rainbow of colors you can select from making it easy to match your party colors.
Make cute party favors with molds and filling with chocolate and sprinkles.


  • Colorful Crystals, round sprinkles, or small candies.
  • Chocolate of your choice. We like Nestle Premium White Chocolate Morsels or Bakers Chocolate or Nestles Milk Chocolate Morsels


  • Candy Molds (look in the party section at Walmart and Michaels or Amazon. Now they offer a lot of choices in silicone. We used the polycarbonate ones that are clear but the silicone molds are much easier to use. They are flexible and can be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Parchment paper
  • Small Microwave Safe Bowl or small pot to double boil
  • Spatula or wooden spoon to mix chocolate as it is melting
  • Small spoon to fill molds with
We used these type of molds from Michael's.
NOw there are many silicone options to use and these molds are more flexible and can often be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.


  • Mels your chocolate. We like the pot to double boil chocolate. You can also use a chocolate melter or in a microwave safe cup. Since microwaves vary, you will have to adjust the time to your microwave. Start with 30 seconds, stir well with wooden spoon, add 15 seconds as needed. Heat until just melted. Chocolate should be warm not hot. Chocolate scorches very easily and will taste burnt if heated too long.
  • While chocolate is melting pour sprinkles into each mold cavity.
  • Gently spoon some chocolate into each cavity until the mold is full. Tap side of mold gently to even out.
  • Let set and harden. For quicker results and a harder coat, place in refrigerator for 30 min.
Fill candy molds with sprinkles.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Fill your spoon with just enough chocolate to fill. It's easier to add more than to scrape excess with a butter knife. However if you do have excess, when you pop out the chocolate you can gently break it off with your fingers to make the shape stand out more.
  • We found our molds at Michael's craft stores. We get several of the same pattern because they are great for craft projects too.
  • We also tried the larger sprinkles but they didn't stand out as much. For some reason they got "lost" in the chocolate. White chocolate is definitely going to show your sprinkles more.
    We like this the best for melting chocolate. It comes in three sizes. I'd recommend either the medium or large one depending on the size pot you are using. We bought the small one first which is fine for small projects but we also decided the get the medium sized one which is a lot easier to use when you dip things into chocolate. We did use a Wilton chocolate melter but after the second one gave out we decided to try this.