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Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party Ideas for kids. This is a favorite for both boys and girls alike.


pink skull cake
This is such a fun theme with so many cute possibilities! Girls can do a pink and black color theme and boys red and black.

Be sure to have a few disposable cameras on hand so guests can help take photos.

Pirate Party Supplies

personalized birthday plates

  • Make party planning simple by ordering items from Celebrate Express The cute pink and black birthday decorations and party items are from Celebrate Express. Seeing these items first hand from Celebrate Express was great. They were well made and cute!
  • Another great party source for favors and other items is Birthday in a Box
  • You can find eye patches, hats and other decorative items at

  • Pirate Party Invitations

    Here is an option for a personalized party invitation from
    Celebrate Express pink skull invitation from celebrate express

    Or click on the picture below for these neat Invitations in a Bottle
    Pirate Invitation in a Bottle

    Dress Up Ideas

    Dress up for your pirate birthday party! Make sure to take a lot of pictures.

  • Pirate Hats.
  • Eye patches, colorful bandanas, play swords for older kids are all easy ideas.
  • Party Decorations

    pirate party decorations

  • Take a look at the cool personalized banner above in photo from Celebrate Express. What a great birthday keepsake. You could even have everyone attending sign this Personalized Birthday Banner .
  • Select your theme colors. Usually two colors works best. Some suggestions are black, gold, white, blue, green, orange, red and pink.
  • Pink, red, white or black tablecloth.
  • Decorate tables with gold wrapped chocolate or gold colored plastic coins, shells, costume jewelry, rhinestones. Small buckets with sand and "treasure" sticking out of it.
  • Theme colored helium balloons
  • Colored or theme designed napkins, plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Party Favors

    pink skull favor boxes

  • Here's cute idea for party favors. Pink Skull Favor Purse Kit Fill with small favors or a fun idea that this party offered was favors that the children picked out and filled their Purse with.
  • Rings, bracelets, necklaces, eye patches, spy glasses.
  • Stickers or tattoos
  • Need more small party favors? See Birthday in a Box for additional ideas.

  • Party Food

  • Red Punch (Add some sprite or 7up for some carbonation)
  • Root Beer in Plastic Mugs
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Watermelon Fruit Boat. Cut watermelon in half, scoop out middle with a melon ball scoop. Return melon balls and add other cut fruit.
  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Blueberry Jello with Gummies
  • Chips and Dip
  • Cake Ideas

    Click on the picture to see a larger photo of the cake and some tips for making them.

    pirate cake
    Pirate Ship Cake

    pirate cake
    Pirate Ship Cake 2

    pirate chest cake
    Pirate Chest Cake

    pirate cake pops
    Pirate Cake Pops

    pirate cake
    Pirate Cake

    Pirate Birthday Party Games and Crafts

    pirate treasure chest

  • Decorate a Mini Treasure Chest
  • Decorate a treasure chest. Paint and glue on rhinestones, glitter or if you have time to let it dry you could decoupage this with mod podge. Send home a few treasures inside and make it the "goody bag."

  • Buried Treasure
  • Fill a sand table with clean dry sand. Bury plastic bracelets, toy watches, costume rings, plastic gold coins and other small trinkets you can get at crafts stores, dollar stores or any store with a toy or party section. Use a sand shovel or a sand sifter and let each child find a few treasures to take home as party favors.

    walk the plank

  • Walk the Plank
  • Set up a 2 x 4 and have kids "Walk the Plank". For fun put plastic crocodile figures under or a blue tarp (ocean) under the plank.

    pink and black pinata

  • Pinatas
  • Pinata's always bring a lot of excitement and children love scrambling for the small treats and toys inside. This too was from Celebrate Express. It was well made and it took quite a few swings to open it!

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