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Kids Birthday Cupcake Ideas!

From individual masterpieces to arranging them together to form a unique cake, cupcakes have really become popular. Join us to create a wonderful kids birthday resource full of cupcake ideas! We will showcase your submissions here.

Cupcake Ideas

monkey cupcake
Monkey Cupcake

lego cupcake
Lego Cupcakes

Thomas the Train cake
Popcorn Cupcakes

angry birds cupcakes
Angry Birds Cupcakes

candy topped cupcake
Candied Cupcakes

yo gabba gabba cupcake
Yo Gabba Gabba Cake 2

graveyard cupcake
Thing 1 and 2 Cupcakes

Holiday Cupcake Ideas

Valentines cupcake
Valentines Cupcakes

bunny cupcake
Bunny Cupcake

bunny cupcake
Basket Cupcake

spider cupcake
Spider Cupcakes

graveyard cupcake
Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcake Basic Tutorials

buttercream icing recipe
Buttercream Frosting Recipe

1M tip to make swirl
1M Tip How To

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Our goal is to create a large and creative resource to help you plan your kids birthday party. Share your themed or holiday creations, favorite characters, baby, animals, and anything unique! Be sure to include what you used to decorate it with and any tips you think others could use.

Submit Your Cupcake Creations

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