Bunny Cupcakes


These adorable bunny cupcakes are really cute for an Easter party or a bunny themed birthday party.
Cute bunny cupcakes for Easter.


  • Box of cake mix
  • White Cake frosting
  • Large Marshmallows (1 per cupcake for the ears)
  • Small Marshmallow (1 per cupcake)
  • Pink sugar crystals
  • Red Hots or small candy (Nose)
  • Mini M and M's (eyes)
  • Pretzel Sticks (2 pretzel sticks per bunny to hold the ear in place)
  • Licorice strings (optional for whiskers)

Materials for Making the Bunny Cupcakes

  • Muffin Tins
  • Muffin Liners
  • Cookie sheet or cutting board to work on
  • Spatula
  • Small Bowls for candies, sprinkles and the marshmallow
  • Kitchen Shears or Knife (adult only)
  • Paper towels


  • Line the muffin tin with liners.
  • Bake cupcakes as directed on box
  • Let cool completely before frosting. If the cupcakes are warm, the frosting will melt.
  • Frost with white cake frosting.
  • Sprinkle white coconut all over the surface.
  • Cut one large marshmallow in half diagonally with kitchen shears or with a knife.
  • In a small dish add the pink sprinkles. Dip the cut surface of the marshmallow into the sprinkles to make the inner ear or your bunny.
  • Using frosting or Wilton Icing, glue on eyes, nose, cheeks on face.
  • Poke one pretzel stick into marshmallow (bottom of ear) half way and then insert the other end into the cupcake to hold ear in place.
  • Repeat with other ear.

Tips and Suggestions for our Bunny Cupcakes

  • Licorice strings can be hard to find but they make great whiskers. I found some at a candy store in a large mall. At Easter, you can sometimes find licorice strings at grocery stores.
  • If you want finer coconut, or have a few long pieces, chop in a small food chopper or processor.
  • If you are doing this activity with young children, you can make the ears ahead of time and have them ready to assemble with the pretzel already inserted.
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