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Soap Making Crafts

Soap Making Crafts require just a few items and can be done in 30 minutes or less.

Melt and Pour Soap

home made soap
This is a fun project for older children. Use the theme of your party to find small plastic figurines to match.


  • Melt and Pour Soap (found at Craft stores or online)
  • Soap Mold
  • Microwaveable Measuring Cup (Pyrex recommended)
  • Soap Scent or Color optional
  • Small plastic items party theme related
  • Chunky glitter (NOT FINE) or Scrapbook confetti. Color can bleed a little into the soap.
  • Gift bags or ziplocks to take soap home
  • Steps

    1. Place figurine into the soap mold.
    2. Melt soap as directed. Be sure to not over heat it.
    3. Add drops of color or scent and stir well(optional)
    4. Pour into mold about half way.
    5. Add Chunky glitter or confetti. Be sure that soap is not too hot or it can slightly warp or remove color from the glitter. (optional)
    6. Pour more soap until mold is filled.
    7. Let dry as directed usually about 20 minutes. Press gently out of mold.
    8. Place in gift bag or ziplock and write names on bags.


  • Easiest if you have a couple parents helping in two or three groups or one group and have someone entertaining the children with a game, story or activity.
  • Have several molds so you can do it all at one time rather than waiting for a set of soap to harden to reuse mold.
  • Always read the directions completely.
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