Candy Cupcakes


Making candy cupcakes is a fun activity for birthday parties. It is an activity all ages can enjoy. You can make it theme related by baking your cupcakes in printed cupcake liners or decorated with theme related candy. Having a sleepover...this could be an activity and treat. We made the extra large sized cupcakes which give a lot more "space" to decorate and found pretty favor boxes to package them to take home after the birthday celebration.
Make these cute candied cupcakes for party activities.

Ingredients for the Candy Cupcakes

  • Cupcake recipe from scratch or box cake mix
  • Frosting Tub or we made our own Royal Icing.
  • Assorted Candies (we went to a candy store to find a greater variety from mini gumdrops or colorful candied stars. We also went to Michael's cake decorating section for more colored candies. Check Walmart and other craft stores with a baking section for other decor.
Candies to decorate cupcakes.

Ideas for Decorations

    Bright colored candies are very pretty on the cupcakes. Small ones work the best butyou can cut larger ones like gummies, licorice and rainbow belts. We found candy from various stores and here is a list. We also found some on Amazon below with links in case you want more ideas.
    1. Mini gumi bears
    2. Mini Gum Drops
    3. Gumi Worms
    4. Small Gummy Candies
    5. Red Hots
    6. Sixlets (come in all colors and some are shimmery colors)
    7. Crushed Snickers, Heath, Butterfinger, Kit Kat
    8. Crushed Oreos
    9. Crushed Graham Crackers
    10. Teddy Grahams
    11. Licorice pieces
    12. Peppermints
    13. Rainbow belts
    14. Marshmallows
    15. Skittles
    16. M & M's

Theme Sprinkles

Sprinkles can be found at any baking department. For theme sprinkles look at Michaels, other craft supply stores and Amazon.

Small Candies

Candies like Red Hots, Pez, Skittles, and other small candies are great for decorating cupcakes.

Metallic Sprinkles

Metallic Sprinkles are really pretty and here is a cute mix. Perfect for a Frozen themed party.


These come in many colors, some are shimmery and very pretty. There are some in Walmarts baking section, craft stores and Amazon.


Shiny colorful sprinkles are fun to add a little sparkle.

Animals and Stars

Wilton has a nice variety of sprinkles.

Colored Sprinkles

Wilton has a rainbow of sprinkles available at stores like Michael's and Amazon.

Gummy Candies

Gummy candies come in many shapes, sizes, colors.


  • Jumbo cupcake pans
  • Jumbo Muffin Liners
  • Small dishes for candies to be placed around the table
  • If you are making your own frosting for kids to decorate with, you will need a large tip and bags as described in our recipe we shared above.
  • Boxes to take the candy cupcakes home. We found some at Michael's. They have them at most large craft stores or stores that have a party section with baking supplies. There is also a nice variety on Amazon.
  • Party Pictures

      We were inspired by a post shared on our site with this party activity. Here are the pictures that were shared.