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Yo Gabba Gabba Party Ideas

Yo Gabba Gabba Party Ideas for kids. This is a favorite for boys and girls alike.


foofa cut out
This is such a fun theme with so many cute possibilities!

Be sure to have a few disposable cameras on hand so guests can help take photos.

Yo Gabba Gabba Party Supplies

  • Celebrate Express has some cute inexpensive high quality party decorations. I've seen their banners, invitations, paper products and favors.
  • Birthday Party Supplies

  • Don't forget to check out the Dollar Tree, WalMart, Target and craft stores for inexpensive decorations.
  • Dress Up Ideas

    yo gabba gabba shirt

  • For those of you who are creative, here is a cute dress up ideas...make your own yo gabba gabba shirts for the birthday child!

    Main Characters

    DJ Lance Rock the host of the show
    Foofa: A pink tambourine-player
    Muno: The cyclops who plays the guitar.
    Toodee: She's a blue dragon who performs on bass.
    Plex: He's yellow and plays the keytar.
    Brobee: The green monster who performs on drums.

  • Let the birthday girl wear DJ Lance's Hat
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee Toddler Costume

    Party Decorations

    yo gabba gabba party decorations

  • Colorful streamers with hanging Yo Gabba Gabba cut cute is that! This photo courtesy of Two Parts Sugar.

  • Decorate your tables with these Yo Gabba Gabba figures and colorful confetti
  • Red, blue, yellow or white tablecloth.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba balloons or yellow, pink, blue and green balloons.
  • Print out Yo Gabba Gabba pictures and post around the party area.
  • yo gabba gabba puppet

  • Put puppets on water bottles for table decorations. Here is a Muno Puppet
  • Play music at the party such as this Yo Gabba Gabba!: The Dancey Dance Bunch

  • Party Favors

    yo gabba gabba favor buckets

  • Cute favor bucket idea using colorful sand pails decorated with the Yo Gabba Gabba characters and filled with party favors. This photo is courtesy of Monica from Two Parts Sugar.

    yo gabba gabba favor boxes

  • Yo Gabba Gabba Bath Squirters
  • Stickers or tattoos
  • Bubbles with customized labels
  • Playdough in colors of the Yo Gabba Gabba Characters. You can make your own labels too to customize.

  • Party Food

    dazzleberry punch

  • Red Punch or Pink Lemonade (Dazzleberry Lemonade) This cute drink idea is courtesy of Monica from Two Parts Sugar.
  • Uno Pretzel Rods (in photo). See Here for how to make Dipped Pretzel Rods
  • Popcorn in red funnel shaped cones.
  • Fun Shaped Sandwiches using cutters.
  • Veggie Platter
  • Jello (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green)

  • Cake Ideas

    yo gabba gabba cake
    Yo Gabba Gabba Cake

    yo gabba gabba  brobee cake
    Brobee Cake 2

    yo gabba gabba cake
    Yo Gabba Gabba Cake 2

    yo gabba gabba cupcake
    Yo Gabba Gabba Cupcakes

    Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party Games and Crafts

    pin the eye on muno

  • Pin the Eye on Muno
  • This cute party game was shared by Miescha. Thank you for allowing the use of your wonderful pictures! You can use cardboard, butcher paper and paint to make this game.

    For another version of "Pin the Tail" see Stick the Party on Brobee's Tummy Game

  • Picture Fun with Character Cut Outs
  • Find a large piece of cardboard that can stand up. Paint a favorite character and add tissue and other materials to dress it up if you want. Then cut a cut a hole where the face goes. It's picture time!.

  • Pinata
  • yo gabba gabba pinata
    Here is a cute Foofa pinata! This was graciously shared by Two Parts Sugar

    PInatas are always a fun activity!

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