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Outdoor Kid Game Ideas

Outdoor Kid Game Ideas for birthdays and other celebrations. Taylor it to your theme with decorations on the set up items and adjust for the appropriate age group.

Quick Links to Outdoor Party Games

outdoor kids games Here is a list of our outdoor games on this page. Scroll down to read them all or use the links below to quickly jump to each game.

  • Hula Hoop
  • Velcro Darts
  • Grand Prize or Bucket Game
  • Egg and Spoon Race
  • Sponge Squeeze
  • Clothespin Toss
  • Balloon Toss
  • Potato Sack Race
  • Two Legged Race

  • Hula Hoop Challenge

    hula hoop challenge Have various size hula hoops to make fun challenges.


  • Hula Hoops
  • Sidewalk Chalk to mark where to stand if you have little ones and don't want them to run into eachother.

    1. Set up hula hoops on the ground.
    2. Challenge who can hula hoop the longest.
    3. See how many different ways they can use the hula hoop.
    4. You could even play "musical hula hoops" as a take off the game Musical Chairs

  • Find hula hoops to match age group. There are some that are smaller.
  • Velcro Darts

    velcro darts Easy to set up and few materials make this a great game.


  • Dart Board and Velcro Balls
  • Sidewalk Chalk to mark where to stand.

    1. Set up board and mark where you want children to stand with sidewalk chalk or cones.
    2. Give each child 3 balls to throw.

  • You could make your own and use the colors of your party theme or you might be able find one to match your theme.
  • Grand Prize or Bucket Game

    grand prize game Sand pails and some ping pong balls make this a challenging game.


  • 6 Sand Pails Marked with a number 1-6
  • Sidewalk Chalk to mark where to stand.
  • 7-8 Ping Pong Balls
  • Small Prizes

    1. Line up cones in order from 1-6.
    2. Give each child 2 extra balls to throw.
    3. Instruct them to start at bucket number one and then when they get it in, move to the next bucket.
    4. According to the highest number they were able to get a ping pong ball successfully in, determines which prize box to select their prize

  • Decorate the sand pails with your party theme.
  • You can find inexpensive sand pails at WalMart, Michaels and the Dollar tree. Ping Pong balls are available at Target and Walmart
  • Egg and Spoon Race

    A relay style outdoor kid game great for all ages. Use a wooden Spoon and a plastic egg, or ping pong ball (as an egg). Adjust the size and type of spoon for age group.


  • Wooden spoon, ladle, or saimin spoon.
  • Plastic egg, ping pong ball, or a real egg if you don't mind the mess!
  • Cones or a jump rope to mark starting lines.
  • Sand or rice to weight plastic egg if necessary.

    1. Mark starting lines with tape, jump rope on the ground or cones.
    2. Add sand or rice to weight egg to make it easier to carry. Be sure to secure shut with packing tape to prevent leakage or opening of egg when it drops.
    3. Make teams of four to eight children.
    4. Have half the children to form a line on each line.
    5. Instruct children to walk without dropping the egg to the other line where their team mate is waiting.
    6. Pass the spoon to that child and go back and forth until the entire team has gone once.
    7. If the egg is dropped, start over at your starting line.
    8. If a team is one short, have one child go twice.
    9. Team who finishes first is the winner.

  • Use a spoon that is appropriate for the age group. Make it easier for younger children and more challenging for older ones.
  • Test before playing to make sure the ball using will stay on the spoon with some care.
  • Check weather conditions if this is done outdoors! A windy day could make this game virtually impossible.
  • Use plastic eggs to avoid a mess. Fill with marbles or sand if it needs to be heavier. Tape securely shut.
  • Clothes Pin Toss

    This outdoor kid game can also be played indoors in the event of rainy weather. This is also an easy to make game and perfect for even the young toddler. Mark a line to toss from and put a clothes basket, rubbish can, basket or other container at the other end. Each person gets 5 clothespins and whomever tosses the most in wins. You could have several containers with each one having different points for difficulties to make it more challenging. Dress up the clothespins by painting them and adding stickers, foam decorations or even small rhinestones. For older children you could add a magnet with a glue gun to weight it down.


  • Wooden clothespins
  • Two or more Laundry baskets, woven baskets, or boxes
  • Paint, stickers, rhinestones (to decorate clothespins)
  • Picture to match theme to decorate baskets or boxes.


    1. Decorate clothespins. Paint, let dry and add on stickers, rhinestones, etc.
    2. Decorate boxes or laundry baskets to match colors or theme of the party.
    3. Make teams of at least three children.
    4. Have children form a line in front of each basket.
    5. Toss clothespins one at a time into the basket. Count how many go in and tally.
    6. Team that has the most tallies wins.

  • Use colored plastic clothespin if you don't want to decorate the wooden ones
  • You will need one basket per team. If you have young children it will be easier to keep their attention with smaller teams.

  • Sponge Squeeze

    Fun Outdoor kid game appropriate for most ages. Play in teams to fill the bucket or container with water to win.


  • Large Sponge (car washing sponges)
  • Two or more buckets
  • Two or more dish pans filled with water
  • Egg dye or food coloring. (optional)


    1. Place two buckets on one end. Add dye or food coloring only to the buckets being filled. (optional) Fill dishpans with only water (no dye or food coloring) on the other.
    2. Form teams behind each dishpan with water.
    3. Place sponge inside of dishpan and let it absorb water.
    4. Each child takes the wet sponge and runs to the bucket, squeezes out the water to fill the bucket.
    5. The team that fills the bucket to the designated amount first is the winner.

  • Adding the color dye or food color makes it easy to see the water rise, however it is likely to stain the bucket.
  • Instead of buckets use two clorox bottles with half of the top cut off. Using dye in these will work well.
  • Remember to put dye ONLY in the bucket you are filling. You don't want to get colored water on the children's clothing and hands if possible.
  • Balloon Toss

    Fun Team outdoor kid game good for all ages. The pair that has the water balloon the longest without popping is the winner! Prepared to get a little wet. Fast fun and simple to organize. Best for older toddlers or parents helping if they are young.


  • Water Balloons
  • Buckets, Laundry Basket to hold filled water balloons.
  • Towels
  • Cones or rope to designate starting lines.


    1. Fill water balloons ahead of time and place in laundry basket or bucket.
    2. Mark two lines with rope or cones to show where the starting line is for each team.
    3. Form pairs and have each person stand behind the line facing each other.
    4. Give one balloon to each pair.
    5. On the count of three have the person with the water balloon toss it gently to their partner.
    6. Partners who successfully catch the balloon will take one step back from the starting line.
    7. Players whose balloons pop are now out of the round.
    8. Partner with the balloon will toss it to their partner.
    9. Repeat taking a step back each successful team until you have one team left who is the winner.

  • Make extra balloons.
  • Start close to make the game last longer especially if there are young children playing.
  • Potato Sack Race

    A fun outdoor kids game. Just get some potato sacks and jump! They have some cute ones just for this game on amazon...check our widget at the bottom for some ideas. Form teams or race against one another to and back. Best in grassy areas because there are sure to be a few stumbles.

    Two Legged Race

    Challenging outdoor kids game best for children ages 5 and up. Use a bandana, scarf or other similar material. Pair children up and have them stand side by side. Tie together right leg of one child and left leg of the other. Just has to be secure enough that it doesn't slip down. Have a pair demonstrate how to walk. Set up cones or markers for a beginning and ending line. Line up on starting line and have children go to the cone and back. First set back wins. If you have lots of pairs, you can set up teams.
    We have compiled a few items mentioned for the games above from Amazon on our widget here.
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