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Spa Party Ideas

Spa Party Ideas for Kids


spa kid birthday party

Spa Parties are cute for young girls! You can just have a fun manicure or add a pedicure and facial mask. You can find places to host the party or host one yourself. You may even find people who will come to your home and supply the robes and nail polish items.

Spa Party Supplies

spa birthday party Some complanies have a party room ready to go but if you are hosting, then simple solid colors will work well!

  • Color scheme pink, lavendar, green, pastel colors.
  • Neon colors might be fun as well.
  • Matching balloons. Black balloons also look sharp.

  • colored plates

  • You can find solid color Plates, Bowls, Cups, Napkins and Cutlery at Celebrate Express, WalMart or The Dollar Tree.

  • Party Invitations

    spa invitation If you having a company host your spa party, they will often have a template for you to download. Simply save the invitation, import it into a editing program like, and type in your party's information. Print on white or colored cardstock that you can find at WalMart or Office supply and find some Colored Invitation Envelopes.

    Party Decorations

    spa party decorations Even thought the party was hosted at a spa, the girls wanted a Webkinz Theme. So I found someone to make a cake with Webkinz animals and I found a picture that I used as a banner. I simply enlarged, opened in and added the writing to each panel. I found that the colors were more vibrant on photo paper than cardstock so this is what we used. A simple roll of ribbon from Walmart and a stapler finished this banner.

    Party Food

    spa party food

  • Pink Lemonade of Course

  • Pizza
  • Mini Sandwiches
  • Some places will include the food in the price to host and you just need to bring the cake! Some provide the paper products too.

    Party Activities

    dress up
  • Dress Up

  • Dress up in pretty sundresses, hats, gloves and fun jewelery.

    updos for the girls
  • Updos

  • Fancy Updos with Braids, Feathers and Glitter Hair Spray. This was the "present" hair do.

    kid manicures
  • Manicure

  • Manicures in fun colors and special designs for the birthday girl. They also offered pedicures and chocolate facials!

    facials for kids
  • Facials

  • How about a chocolate facial with cucumbers! The girls were full of giggles!

    spa party dance activity
  • Dance

  • After all the manicures were done and cake and icecream, there was a mini dance session where the hosts led the children. It was really cute!

  • Pinatas

  • Pinatas are always fun if they allow them. Here is a cute Nail Polish pinata.

    Party Favors

    Some spas will provide little goodie bags with the cost of hosting but if you need to make them yourselves, here are some easy and cute ideas. I like 3 items to make a goody bag. Nail Polish in fun colors. You can find inexpensive ones at WalMart. Keep in mind glitter colors often are just colored glitter. You can find packs at party supply stores but the quality may not be the same as a retail store.
    Cupcake Scented Nail Polish
    These Ladybug Lip Gloss had some good reviews! This would be a good addition to the goody bag.
    Ladybug Lip Gloss Keychain (8)
    Here are more ideas for Lip Gloss.
    Garden Girl Lip Gloss Rings (8)
    A third item could be a nail file. You can find all kinds of colors at most stores. I'd check Walmart and Target or even the Dollar Tree to see if you can find packs.
    Rainbow Nail Files (12)

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