Cookie Cake

by Stephanie Wilson
(Corte Madera, CA )

Callie's Cookie Cake

Callie's Cookie Cake

This is a simple cake a child can make because the focus is on "making the cake" not mixing ingredients.

Callie wanted to make her "Pops" a birthday cake but was upset because she actually doesn't like cake and, therefore, wouldn't have dessert at the party. She loves cookies though. So we baked sugar cookies and decorated them using melted white chocolate chips and sprinkles.

The cake was a simple box mix and she loved making a buttercream frosting. Using a simple tip we went up and down the cake. It was easier than using the spatula - success was felt the entire time.

When done, Callie put her cookies in and pretended they were like candles on the cake. She was so excited and the cake was delicious ...and she got to have a cookie. Everyone wants one now.

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