Decorating Flip Flops 


Flip Flops are a cute make and take!! Easy to make and fun to wear. Perfect for a Hawaiian, Summer or Beach themed party. Or just a sleep over activity. Great for all ages.
Decorate colored flip flop for kids party make and takes. Customize each with the theme of the party.


  • Colored Flip Flops (We found ours at Hobby Lobby for about $2 each)
  • Rhinestones, glitter, buttons, ribbon, silk flowers, or colorful plastic or rubber pieces to decorate.
  • You might also be able to find small packs of decorations at craft stores with themes like Smiley Faces, Ladybugs, Flowers, etc.
  • We used a glue from Beacon listed below called Gem Tack. We also tried Fabric-Tac but certain items didn't hold as well after a couple weeks.
  • Small paper plate and popsicle or craft stick for applying glue. We used a short skewer but we recommend a craft stick for safety reasons.
  • Small containers to sort and select decorations. Dollar Tree has small plastic dishes that are great to use for crafts.
  • Gift bags or large zip locks to take slippers home once decorations dry.
Line up your decorations to glue on your flip flops to plan it out.


  • Select your slipper size and color. For parties, you might want to ask ahead or just have a few sizes handy.
  • Have each child select their decorations. Small containers are helpful to keep them all together.
  • Glue decorations on with Fabric-Tac or E6000. As mentioned good ventilation is recommended and adult supervision for younger children.
  • Lay out the decorations in order you want to glue them on. We suggest putting a main piece right in the center. We found these cute rubber butterflies and frogs.
  • You can put glue onto paper plates and use popsicle sticks to add glue to decorations.
  • Let dry and make sure decorations are holding before moving.
  • Place in gift bag or ziplock and write names on bags.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Putting glue on small paper plates and using popsicle sticks allow for more children to work on the project at the same time.
  • Have children plan their decorations by laying out their design. Discuss if they want to have both slippers with the same pattern.
  • For younger children monitor small items like rhinestones. Larger decorations like silk flowers may be more appropriate unless you have one on one supervision.
  • Select decorations according to theme. Use the party colors or theme to match.
  • Test how well items adhere. Shiny plastic straps will need a stronger bond. We tried Fabri-Tac but a couple of the slick rubber items didn't hold well after a week. We recommend using a glue from Beacon called Gem Tac.