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Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for kids. This is a favorite for boys and girls alike.


dinosaur cake
This is such a fun theme with so many cute possiblities!

Be sure to have a few disposable cameras on hand so guests can help take photos.

Dinosaur Party Supplies

  • Celebrate Express has some cute party decorations such as this set of party items.
  • Dinosaurs Deluxe Party Pack & 8 Favor Boxes

  • Don't forget to check out the Dollar Tree, WalMart, Target and craft stores for inexpensive decorations.
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    Dinosaur Party Invitations

    Here is an option for a personalized party invitation or you can make your own.
     Personalized Invitation

    Dress Up Ideas

  • Make big foot print flip flops.
  • There are many cute dinosaur costumes you can find or have these masks for each child to wear.
  • 12 foam dinosaur masks

    Party Decorations

    dinosaur figures

  • Decorate your tables with theseRhode Island Novelty Assorted Jumbo Dinosaurs Up to 6" Long Toy Figures, 12-Pack figures
  • White tablecloth. Use butcher paper and print footprints or use sponges shown below.
  • Smooth pebbles used for crafts to arrange on table.
  • Dinosaur Mylar Balloons
  • Cut out big construction paper dinosaur footprints and tape it from the front door to the party area.
  • Green, brown or theme designed napkins, plates, cups, and cutlery
  • If you have green potted plants, these add a nice touch too
  • Party Favors

  • Mini Pails filled with dino figures, whoppers (dino eggs)
  • Stickers or tattoos
  • Dinosaur wash cloth (expands with water)
  • Dinosaur color books
  • Party Food

    dinosaur sandwich cutter

  • Red Punch (Hot Lava Punch)Add some sprite or 7up for some fizz.
  • DynoBytes Sandwich Crust Cutter
  • Chicken Nuggets (Dino Nuggets can be found at Target)
  • Veggie Platter (for our Herbivores)
  • Dinosaur Shaped Cookies
  • Jello Dinosaur cut shapes (use Dinosaur cookie cutters)
  • If this is planned near Easter you might find some fun shape candies to serve as Dino Eggs
  • Cake Ideas

    Here is the dinosaur dirt cake with dinosaur gummies that we had while at T-Rex at Disney World. We have a recipe to make our version. Click on the picture to see it.
    Click on the pictures to see the other cakes.

    dinosaur dirt cake
    Dinosaur Dirt Cake

    dinosaur cake
    Dinosaur Cake

    dinosaur cake
    Dinosaur Cake 2

    dinosaur scene cake
    Dinosaur Cake 3

    Dinosaur Birthday Party Games and Crafts

    plaster of paris kid craft

  • Prehistoric Scene
  • Plaster of Paris, dinosaur figures, plastic trees, sand, paint and sand and you can make this kids party craft to match your theme. See HERE for complete details and how to.

    Dinosaur Magic Capsules dinosaur caplets

  • Archaeological Dig
  • Fill a sand table with clean dry sand. Bury plastic dinosaurs you can get at crafts stores, dollar stores or any store with a toy section. Use a sand shovel or a sand sifter and let each child find a few dinosaurs to take home as party favors.

    Or fill sand buckets with sand and bury these dinosaur caplets below and let each child "excavate" a couple.

    Creativity Street, Paint Sponges, Dinosaur Shapes, 3 Inches, Pack of 9 dinosaur sponges/

  • Print with Dinosaur sponges

  • Create a picture using these fun shaped sponges or print these on white butcher table for a colorful tablecover.

    painted dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur Painting
  • Easy painting craft makes this a fun make and take. Click on the picture for more details.

    Don't forget the classic games which you can tailor to dinosaur birthday party theme:

  • Pin the tail on the dino...or pin the missing plate on the Stegasaurus, etc.
  • Play charades and each team has a dinosaur to "act" out for the others to guess which dinosaur it is. Give some props to give the hints like plastic kids food meat or veggies. Blue and brown construction paper representing water or land. If you enjoy paper mache, you could make spikes, plates, horms too.

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