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SpongeBob Birthday Party Ideas

SpongeBob Birthday Party Ideas for kids. There is a huge selection of party supplies and party packs.


sponge bob pinata
This is a very popular theme with children.

Be sure to have a few disposable cameras on hand so guests can help take photos.

SpongeBob Supplies

SpongeBob Classic Basic Party Pack

  • SpongeBob Party Pack from Celebrate Express make getting supplies a cinch.
  • Sponge Bob Kit-N-Kaboodlekit from Shindigz.
  • SpongeBob Giant Decorating Set
  • SpongeBob Party Invitations

    Here is a personalized option from Birthday in a box: Sea Sponge Personalized Invitation
    Sea Sponge Personalized Invitation

    Dress Up Ideas

    If your child is a big fan, find a costume for the party and then it can also be used for Halloween.
    See our Amazon widget below for costume ideas for kids.

    Party Decorations

  • Yellow crepe paper streamers.
  • Yellow or white tablecloth. White will show off colorful decorations nicely.
  • Scatter colorful confetti on the table
  • Colorful character balloons.
  • Theme or pink napkins, plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Sand pails filled with party snacks like goldfish, chex mix
  • Play a music cd like the one below to liven up the atmosphere.
  • Party Favors

  • Bubbles- Gymborree has great bubbles. Or any bubble in a bottle and you can change the wrapper.
  • Bath squirt toys
  • Sand Pails filled with Goodies or snacks
  • Party Food

  • Lemonade
  • Fruit filled Pineapple halves. Cut a pineapple lengthwise and hollow it out and fill with cut fruit or cut the top half off and hollow out, fill with fruit and place several along the table)
  • Veggie platter with baby carrots, cucumbers and celery.
  • Fish Sticks
  • Hamburgers: I saw them called Krabby Patties!
  • Goldfish crackers in new sand pails
  • Jello cut into fun shapes
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Cake Ideas

    Got a cake idea to share? Please Share Yours Here

    Click on the cake pictures for details on how to make these cool cakes.

    spongebob cake
    Spongebob Cake

    cherry bomb cake
    Cherry Bomb Cake

    Another option is to find a SpongeBob cake pan. This is great for the beginning cake maker.
    You can find them at craft stores or try Amazon.

    SpongeBob Birthday Party Games and Crafts

  • Goldfish Fill small fish bowls with water and a guppy or gold fish. Place bowls on steps or table. Have children toss ping pong balls and if it lands in a fishbowl, they take a fish home as a prize. You can of course ensure each child wins! This can also serve as their goody bag

  • Spongebob Sponge Squeeze
  • Purchase SpongeBob stickers or print out pictures, laminate and decorate two plastic buckets. Buy two yellow car washing sponges and play Sponge Squeeze. See full directions by clicking on link provided.
    SpongeBob Classic Sticker Sheets (2)
  • Make a water Globe using Sponge Bob Cupcake Toppers. Click Here for directions

  • SpongeBob Party Items from Amazon

  • Classic Games with a Twist

  • SpongeBob Says instead of Simon Says
  • Pin the Pants on SpongeBob instead of Pin the Tail
  • SpongeBob Bingo Print out bingo cards, decorate with stickers

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