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Thing 1 and 2 Party Ideas

Thing 1 and 2 Party Ideas for kids. This is a favorite for boys and girls alike and are a fun birthday idea for twins.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Kyla for sharing her wonderful party ideas!


dr. seuss costume
This is such a fun theme with so many cute possibilities!

Be sure to have a few disposable cameras on hand so guests can help take photos.

Party Supplies

thing 1 party cups

  • Red and Blue Cups make perfect party cups for a Thing 1 and 2 theme

  • thing 1 and 2 party napkins

  • Red or Blue Party napkin wrapped utensil with a cute label ready for each person to use. Using 1-Inch Paper Circle Punches like this make neat labels and tags. They come in circles and scalloped edges in various sizes.
  • Celebrate Express has some cute inexpensive high quality party decorations. I've seen their banners, invitations, paper products and favors.
  • Don't forget to check out the Dollar Tree, WalMart, Target and craft stores for inexpensive decorations.

  • Dress Up Ideas

    thing 1 and thing 2 shirts

  • Have an adult dress up as Cat in the Hat!
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts are available from various sources. You can also make your own with transfers or paint.

  • thing 1 party hats

  • For those of you who are creative, here is a cute dress up ideas...make your own special party hats for the birthday child. This was made with an embroidered "1" and some white pom poms and cute fabric.

  • Party Decorations

    thing 1 and 2 party banner

  • Cute Party Banner! You can make birthday banners with cardstock and computer printouts. I've seen some cute ones for sale on Etsy too.

  • Decorate your tables with white, blue or red tablecloth.
  • Party Favors

    thing 1 and 2 party

  • Shown are some cute red favor bags...fill with bubbles, goldfish packs and other small treats.
  • Put the marshmallow lollipops in lollipop bags and secure with a red or blue ribbon to take home as a favor.
  • Party Food

    dr. suess Hat treat

  • Red Punch
  • Make cool Marshmallow Lollipops like in the photo above.

  • Red and Blue Sprinkled Pretzel Rods. See Here for how to make Dipped Pretzel Rods
  • Strawberry and Marshmallow strung on Lollipop or Cookie Sticks. We used skewers which I wouldn't recommend with children.
  • Popcorn in red or blue funnel shaped cones or cups.
  • Fun Shaped Sandwiches Using Cutters
  • Veggie Platter
  • Jello (Blue, Red)

  • Cake Ideas

    thing 1 and 2 cupcakes
    Thing 1 and 2 Cupcake

    thing 1 and 2 cupcakes
    Thing 1 and 2 Cupcake

    cat in the hat cake
    Cat in the Hat Cake w/Thing 1

    cat in the hat cake
    Cat in the Hat Cake w/Thing 1

    Thing 1 and 2 Birthday Party Games and Crafts

  • Pin the Blue Hair on Thing 1. Have a large cutout of Thing 1 and get some blue felt, blue cotton, to pin on Thing 1.
  • Go Fish is perfect for all ages so it's perfect for that mixed age party and everyone is a winner! This can also be your goody bag favor if you don't care for making individual bags and filling them.
  • Win a Goldfish game. Find cups and containers and ping pong balls at Dollar Tree, craft stores or WalMart craft sections. Line up on a table and toss ping pong balls into the containers. Winner gets a goldfish. Put goldfish in small containers with distilled water and cover. Attach a small bag of fish food and fish care if you desire. This also can serve as your party favor!

  • "You will see something new.
    Two things. And I call them
    Thing One and Thing Two.
    These Things will not bite you.
    They want to have fun.
    Then out of the box
    Came Thing Two and Thing One!"

    -The Cat in the Hat, by Dr.Seuss

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