Horse Cupcake Cake

by Samantha Adam
(Watertown, SD, USA)

To make the cupcakes you will need the following times

Chocolate and white frosting
Chocolate or white cake mix
Cupcake pan
Brown and white fondant
Circus peanuts
pretzels (not stick ones)
Zip lock bags

Make cupcakes as directed on box or recipe. When cupcakes and finished baking, wait for them to cool. After they cool put white or brown frosting on them.

To create the horses. Use a wafer as the neck and cut one end diagonal. That part will be inserted into the cupcake. Cut a little bit of the circus peanuts bottom off. Use frosting as glue on the other end of wafer to stick the circus peanut to it.

Make as many as you desire. Place them on a cookie pan with a max paper underneath. Keep them in there until they harden. With white and brown fondant roll them out separately. Than twine them together and flatten it out with a rolling pin.

Take out the horse heads, place one on the rolled out fondant. Cut off all extra fondant and wrap leftover fondant around horse head. Place them all back in the freezer until they harder. Once they are completely hard. You can put frosting in a zip lock bag and cut off a zip of the bag. Use that to create hair, ears, eyes, and nose.

When you are finished insert them into the cupcakes. Place circle part of pretzels into the over side of the cupcake. Put frosting on them. Create spots on the horses with opposite colored frosting.

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