Ocean Cupcakes

by Marj

What a cool party activity! These ocean themed cupcakes have octopus, turtles and starfish with all edible details such as shells, seaweed and pebbles!

Everything on the ocean cupcakes was edible. The shells were chocolate - I used a mold to make them. I made these as a sample set for a cupcake decorating birthday party.

I had the shells done ahead of time and made the seaweed the day before because it needed time to harden.

Everything else I let the children make at the party. We used a big flower tip (Wilton 1M) to make the swirly buttercream on top of the cupcakes. I went through step by step and taught them how to do it... so fun! Here's a link to the post to see the kids in action making these fabulous cupcakes to take home!

Thanks Marj for sharing such a wonderful cupcake idea. I love the fact that the kids got to make these and take them home.

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