Soccer Cake

by Jess
(Ketchikan, AK)

GOOOOL!!! (spanish GOAL!)

GOOOOL!!! (spanish GOAL!)

My husband is a big soccer fan, so this is the cake I made for his birthday but it would also be great for a child.

You need 2 boxes of cake mix, 1 package of fondant, black gel dye and brown gel dye (for the fondant), and 1 tub of frosting. For the base you need a pyrex bowl (for the ball) and a square baking pan (for the base), plus parchment paper if you choose.

Grease both pans, prepare the cake batter as directed on the box. Split the fondant in two halves. Add the brown gel and knead it until the color is to your liking and completely even. Roll the fondant to a large rectangular shape (larger than what your cake will be). With the other half of the fondant, roll it into a large circular shape, taking care not to let anything fall onto the white surface. Once the cake is out, frost it, drape and cut your fondant on both pieces and place the ball on the cake. Paint the black pattern with the dye and you're done!

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