Birthday Water Globe


Make a Water Globe: Perfect for about 6 and up when doing in small groups. Nice make and take for any party theme and a nice alternative to a goody bag.


water globe
  • Washed baby food jars or other small jars.

  • Plastic cake toppers like Tinkerbell, Spongebob and other small rubber figurines.

  • Low Temp Glue Gun (Adult use only) or for stronger more permanent hold, use e-6000

  • Glitter or foil type confetti

  • Felt, lace or ribbon for the rim of the bottle

  • Hot glue gun (adult use only)

  • Distilled Water: This will keep your project with clear water for a long time. After 6 months the water was still clear.

  • Scissors to cut ribbon.

  • Small measuring cup to pour water into jar

  • Sharpie or masking tape for name of child


  • Have all labels removed and bottles cleaned and ready to fill with distilled water.
  • If you are concerned with time, glue figurines onto the covers ahead of time. If you have several different figurines, glue a few extra so all children get to pick the one they like. Note that a glue gun will most likely only give the figurine a temporary hold.
  • Have ribbon cut to correct length ahead of time. Various colors, designs are nice for them to select from such as grosgrain or satin.
  • For younger children, have glitter measured out in small containers (such as applesauce containers) ready to pour into water.
  • Fill baby jar with distilled water almost to the top and add about a 1 to 3 teaspoons of glitter
  • Make sure outside rim of jar is dry and apply glue. Screw on the baby jar lid securely as possible.
  • Apply glue to outside of the lid and press ribbon around the lid.
  • Add name with marker or masking tape on the bottom of the water globe (cap)
  • Let dry upside down for the remaining party time

Tips and Suggestions

  • If you have enough small jars like small chutney jars, this may work better. Baby food jars don't close as easily but if sealed properly will not leak.
  • After a few weeks or frequent shaking, the figurine may come loose if you used a glue gun to secure figurine. It shouldn't move much if it's a good fit with the size of the jar and will not flip over. But my thoughts are also if it lasts a few weeks, that is a lot longer than inexpensive goody bag toys!
  • Use a small measuring cup with lip to eliminate as much water spilling as possible. You can pre-measure the water this way so the child can fill the jar himself/herself.
  • Goo Gone works well if there is any sticky residue from the label on the baby jar.
  • Test glitter in a extra jar ahead of time.
  • Check measurements of the figurines before you buy, especially if it is online. Check to see the location it is being shipped from. Some of the most inexpensive were from China which can take several weeks to arrive. If you are shopping locally, bring a jar with you to test for size.
  • We found these at WalMart, Michaels and Hobby Lobby. Amazon has some in various sizes so check before ordering.