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Dog Birthday Party Ideas

Dog Birthday Party Ideas for the special member in your family!


What better way to celebrate your special member of your family with a dog party! Invite a couple "dog friends" to play together for a party or a play date and have some fun treats and activities.

dog birthday party

Party Supplies

puppy Don't forget the party hats and plates for your special treats!

  • Celebrate Express has some great party supplies for dog parties. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them, I have seen first hand the quality of the products.
  • Another company that offers fun party supplies is that offers favors, even a color your own dog house.
  • Another high quality decorations option is from Paper Source Paper Source Invitations They offer dog ornaments, dog gift bags, and dog party invitations.
  • You can find solid color Plates, Bowls, Cups, Napkins and Cutlery at Celebrate Express, WalMart or The Dollar Tree.

  • " puppy

    Dog Birthday Party Invitations

    You can find personalized options for invitations on Etsy or eBay. puppy invitations

  • Paper Source has puppy Invitations and Thank You Cards. They products are made from high quality paper. We have ordered quite a few things from here.

  • Dog Birthday Party Decorations

    dog paw balloons rel="nofollow"

    Party Favors

    home made dog biscuits

  • Balls, Small Chew Toys and Plush Toys would be great favors.
  • Treats for pups in poly bags with tags.
  • Chinese style take out boxes to match the color theme make perfect dog treat favor boxes.

  • Party Food

  • Hot Dogs for the owners!
  • Carrots, Apple Slices, Raw Broccoli, Beans and Cauliflower are safe foods for dogs.

  • Beefy Bacon Dog biscuits
    Beefy Bacon Dog Treats

    Peanut butter and Banana dog biscuits
    Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats

    sweet potato dog treats
    Dried Sweet Potato

    dog brownie recipe
    Doggie Brownies

    no bake peanut butter dog treats
    No Bake Peanut Butter Treats

    Cake Ideas and Recipes

    dog birthday cake
    Individual Pup Cakes

    dog birthday cake
    Dog Birthday Cake

    puppy carrot cake with yogurt frosting
    Carrot Cake with Yogurt Frosting

    Dog Birthday Party Games and Activities

  • Musical Hula Hoops: Similar to musical chairs. Place hula hoops on the ground in a circle with one less than the number of dogs. Have owners walk their pup in a circle outside of the hoops. When the music stops each dog must find and sit in a hoop. Like musical chairs, dog without a hoop is out. Remove one hoop and repeat until there is a winner.

  • floating dog toy

  • Duck Pond with Floating Dog Toys

  • Play Duck Pond using theseRuff Dawg Stick Dog Toy, Assorted Colors Here are more details for this Party Game. These also make cute favors or party decorations for dog owners. Each color can represent a different prize. If you have enough for each dog, these can be used as favors to take home too.

    puppy waiting for biscuit
  • Dog Tricks

  • See who can obey all the basic commands! Sit, stay, come, or who can wait the longest for that tempting dog biscuit!

  • Races

  • If you have a lot of room...a race might be fun!

    I'd like to give special recognition to the owners of these beautiful dogs! Perfect Parties thanks you all for allowing us the use of your photos!!

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